Secure Secret is best password manager application in the world. It is free and better than other paid applications. Using Secure Secret you will keep all your secret data in secure. If you use Secure Secret you must not remember many passwords in your mind and you can set your passwords different and complex for every web site, mail, and other accounts. It is very unsecure to use same password in all accounts. Using Secure Secret it is so easy to keep them different. With Secure Secret, all your secret notes, contacts, web sites, forums, mail accounts, events etc. will be in one place. You can use desktop application of Secure Secret in all of your computers. It can run on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. You can synchronize all your secret data in your computers and mobile device with each each other in a few seconds securely. Shortly, if you want to make your life easy and if you want to use the best, Secure Secret will be your choice.

Features Which Make Secure Secret Different

  • Secure Secret supports backup, restore and synchronization processes with cloud systems (Google Docs, Google Drive, Dropbox and it uses oauth2 technology so application will not ask your cloud passwords, and it is completely free)
  • Automatic web browser integration (Getting username, password or other data is so easy as clicking one button without leaving web browser activity. While surfing the web, again it is so easy to create new records)
  • Record History (For a specific date, you can see a record’s data history)
  • Desktop Synchronization (Using Wi-Fi or hotspot, you can synchronize all your data automatically. Desktop application is also free and can run on Windows, Linux versions and MacOS)
  • Secure Secret uses a specific algorithm enriched with AES, it is nearly impossible to decrypt it.

Other Features

  • SD Card backup, restore and synchronization opportunity.
  • After sequential wrong login attempts, 10 minute login lock.
  • If it is setted, it is possible to delete all secret data automatically after sequential wrong login attempts.
  • For practical login, boot login support.
  • Automatic backup.
  • Stylish and smart design.
  • Smart column touches (If you touch a phone number, application will dial it or for email it opens your default email application  or will copy data to clipboard etc.)
  • Secure records are categorized for easy use. It is possible to edit categories and iconize them with 150+ icons.
  • Quick record search.
  • Detailed help.
  • Auto-password generation.
  • Password and backup hints for future remember.
  • Supports touch gestures for easy use.
  • Supports all character sets in Android.
  • Turkish localization. (Others coming soon)